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Advanced Chiropractic Huntington Beach
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Dr. David H. Cauble DC is an Advanced Chiropractor in Huntington Beach, CA. Our Chiropractic office is located near Goldenwest College and the Bella Terra Mall. Advanced Chiropractic proudly serves all of Orange County, CA

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Dear Dr. Cauble DC (Dave):
When asked to share with you my chiropractic success at your hands, I thought about writing by hand, then realized that you probably wouldn't know me if I wasn't in some kind of a hurry and chose the most efficient, and yet incredibly sincere, method of saying -- "Thank you - you're great!"

I have been coming to your office since October 1986, after I received a whiplash from a car accident earlier that month.  I asked a friend / chiropractor in Northern California if he knew anyone locally who would treat me with expertise and personal caring -- he gave me your name and some tips about making sure you were the right one for me.

I have thanked God over and over for you presence in my life.  I come to you when the headaches are unbearable; when my back feels so twisted that it'll never straighten up, when my neck and shoulders feel like ping pong ball could be bounced off of them; when things just aren't quite right in my body and I know that chiropractic will work better miracles than a drug ever could.

As a mental health care practitioner, I have experimented with a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional methods of healing -- probably more than I can remember to name!  Never have I maintained my visits, my commitment, and my physical health like I have with chiropractic and this is directly attributable to you Dave.

Thanks to you, my awareness of my spine and nervous system has become so sensitive that I can prevent many stresses and pains by seeing you BEFORE they stand out.  Your bedside (or table!) manner has always held a perfect blend of professionalism and caring that makes me feel comfortable to share both physical and psychological symptoms, knowing that you are listening to truly analyze and help.


Dear Dr. David Cauble DC,
My daughter and I are very happy to be patients of this office and share in our appreciation of your chiropractic abilities.

My Daughter and I have been coming here since 1985.  Actually, Jennifer was a patient first, when she was thirteen years old.  It was a funny situation on how we started.

I had met Dr. Tom Leatherwood one day at the cleaners while dropping some clothes off.  He had come in to pick up some items.  We started talking and I will never forget, he mentioned that he was a chiropractor and that he was just finishing a couple of hours of tennis.  I thought to myself "so what", and in return I asked if he needed a haircut and gave him my business card.  A couple of months later he came in for a haircut and that's when I started explaining Jennifer's problem with scoliosis.  She then received treatment shortly after.  Her scoliosis was pretty severe and the treatment was a complete improvement.  We learned of her condition through a routine school check-up and at the time they suggested to keep an eye on it.

At or around the same time I was complaining of severe neck pain and started receiving regular adjustments.  Eventually Dr. Leatherwood moved to Hawaii.  This was the same time we started receiving chiropractic treatment from you.

In May of 1990, I was a passenger in a car that had been rear ended. I came in with a lot of pain from the whiplash.  You started treating me regularly for a cervical strain for about a year.  I know that I should be coming in more often for maintenance but know how that story goes.

Jennifer and I are feeling much better now thanks to the exceptional chiropractic care you provided.  The staff has always been friendly and considerate.  If we ever needed a letter of any kind for insurance  purposes it would always be ready the next day.  My husband's recent back injury was very scary for us.  We wanted to thank you again for being kind enough to review his x-rays.  Roy is feeling a lot better and will be able to start chiropractic treatment himself soon.

Sincerely, Karen

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